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Moody Radio Interview 10-24-17 – Investment Basics: Risk and Reward


One of the basic economic lessons we need to understand is the relationship between risk and reward.  As stewards managing God’s money, we need to understand the amount of risk we’re taking and if the reward for that risk makes it a wise decision.  That concept is the topic of this week’s interview.  You can…

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Investment Basics Part II: Risk and Reward


Fear and greed are two of the most common emotions when it comes to investing. Unfortunately, fear is often driven by a lack of information and knowledge.  We tend to fear things we don’t understand and it doesn’t help when we hear horror stories of people losing money in bad investments.  Perhaps we even tried…

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Types of Investments: Stocks and Bonds and Funds, Oh My!


The investment world has a way of taking things that are understandable at their most basic element and complicating them to the point that the common person no longer recognizes them.  In an effort to help individuals understand investments, I like to simplify them down into two primary categories, loans and ownership.  Most people can…

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