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4 Ways Money Can Change You

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It seems second nature for us to wish that we had more money in fact, sometimes, even as Christians, we can put too much faith in money and get caught up thinking that money would solve our problems. Money can certainly change things, but unfortunately the thing it often changes is us and sometimes not…

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Moody Radio Interview 9-12-17 – Hoarding is Idolatry


Does saving money present us with the danger of desiring creation over the Creator?    Scripture warns us over and over to guard our hearts and to set our hopes on God and not riches.  Hoarding is the topic of this week’s interview.  You can read the related article on hoarding here.  The following recording is…

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Hoarding Is Idolatry


Hoarding is a form of idolatry.  It is the result of our heart choosing creation over the Creator.  “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21). When it comes to the area of saving and investing, hoarding can be defined as saving money without a specific need in mind and…

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Automobiles – An Unreliable Status Symbol


There’s a virtual insanity taking place in America these days. In an effort to make everyone around us think we’re more successful than we are, we continue to look for ways to garner undeserved respect. For more than a century now, one of the more popular ways of adding that wow factor to your life has been with the purchase of a nice, shiny new car…

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Should a Christian’s Financial Life Look Different?


Unfortunately, some Christians have been led astray by all the glitter and false promises of the world. The prosperity gospel has crept in and blurred the lines of Christianity by promising Christ along with maximum enjoyment in this life so you can fit in with the popular culture. According to this false doctrine, you can follow Christ without denying yourself and taking up your cross. I’m pretty sure that’s not what Jesus said and the lives of the apostles certainly didn’t validate that either.

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What Do You Value?


If asked “What do you value the most in life?” I’m sure you would have a rush of thoughts going through your mind. While some of us would be tempted to think of material things, I have a feeling that after a few seconds of contemplation, most of us would settle back on other important…

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