Level Two Course

In Level One we explored who God says He is in His word and also looked into the truths that should impact our hearts. We also had a preview of what scripture specifically instructs in the area of finances and how to apply all this knowledge to our personal lives. Whether you have much or little, the truths of scripture will help you to be a better steward of what God has entrusted to you.

The Level Two course builds on those foundational truths and helps to give practical financial guidance.  It is imperative to note that unless our hearts are fixed on the truths discussed in Level One, then this advice in Level Two will be shallow and likely not to last.

All praise and glory are rooted in love.  When we love something enough, we can’t help but let that love overflow into everything we do.  What could bring God more glory than for us to find our greatest joy and pleasure in Him?  If our hearts have been captured by the Gospel and we want to seek to worship God in all our endeavors including our money, then this is a great place to look for guidance.

While you can go through this course on your own, we highly encourage you to go through it with a group and, if married, with your spouse. Since discipleship and the study of God’s Word are instrumental in the success of participants, doing this course in association with your home church is ideal.

Course Materials

Lesson 1

Understanding Debt

Lesson 2

Tackling Debt