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At Investing in Truth, our mission is to disciple Christians through the building of a biblical financial worldview. Instead of following the advice of secular financial experts that have no perspective of eternity, we need to seek wisdom in its one true source, God’s Word. As it says in Colossians 2 – we have “Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Once we have an understanding of the truth, we can begin to understand the world around us. As we strive to reflect the image of Christ, let’s start by Investing in Truth before we invest in anything else.

Moody Radio Interview 1-15-18 – Tax Law Changes

Tax laws are changing and when the rules of the game change, we need to know how the new ones are going to affect us.  In this week’s interview we discuss the standard deduction and a few other changes that will affect our tax situations in the coming years.  The following recording is from “Mornings…

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Moody Radio Interview 1-8-18 – Fixing our Finances in the New Year

Has January revealed the unfortunate reality that you’ve overextended your spending over the Christmas holiday?  In this week’s interview we discuss how we can get control of our finances and honor God with our money.  The following recording is from “Mornings with Kelli” on Moody Radio Indiana (97.9 FM). For more information on Moody Radio,…

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Moody Radio Interview 12-11-17 – Financial Advice for My Children

What financial advice would you give to your children if you had to fit it all on a single index card?  This exercise will make you think through what advice is most important.  In the following interview, we go through my short list of financial advice.  You can read the full article “Financial Advice for…

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Financial Advice for My Children

Have you ever tried to take something big and condense it into a few words?  It’s a surprisingly difficult exercise, but one that really makes you think about what’s important.  A few years ago, a University of Chicago professor decided to put his financial advice on an index card.  While he and I don’t agree…

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Moody Radio Interview 12-4-17 – What to Look for in a Financial Advisor

Scripture stresses the importance of wise counsel.  In our do-it-yourself society, are we sometimes ignoring this important aspect of decision making?  Wise counsel is the topic of this week’s discussion as we apply it to the area of finding a financial advisor.  You can read the full article “What to Look for in a Financial…

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What to Look for in a Financial Advisor

Our society continues to move toward self-reliance and independence.  A quick rundown of cable television shows illustrates just how popular the idea of doing things yourself has become.  I’m all for trying new things and learning as I go, but I also need to be careful that I don’t make the mistake of trusting too…

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