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At Investing in Truth, our mission is to disciple Christians through the building of a biblical financial worldview. Instead of following the advice of secular financial experts that have no perspective of eternity, we need to seek wisdom in its one true source, God’s Word. As it says in Colossians 2 – we have “Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Once we have an understanding of the truth, we can begin to understand the world around us. As we strive to reflect the image of Christ, let’s start by Investing in Truth before we invest in anything else.

Moody Radio Interview 3-12-18 – The Personal Giving Decision

When it comes to deciding how much to give, we often make the mistake of looking for a specific amount or percentage so we can check giving off the to-do list and move on.  Fortunately, for our own good, that’s not what God has in mind as he uses money to conform us to the…

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How Much Should I Give? – Decision Time

Giving is an issue of the heart and an act of obedience.  Like it or not, we are given a lot of grace and freedom in the area of giving, but there is also a great deal of responsibility that comes with that freedom.  We often approach this topic by looking for a checklist so…

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Moody Radio Interview 3-5-18 – Strategic Giving

Nothing gives me more professional pleasure than helping others develop efficient giving strategies.  As “sons of light”, we need to be more wise in the ways we invest in eternity than the world is when they invest for retirement.  Unfortunately, as Luke 16 points out, that’s often not the case.  In this week’s interview we…

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Putting It Together: Why Giving Should Be Included in Your Investment Strategy

If you’re like the average person I encounter, you’ve probably never been advised to give away your investment assets. That’s probably because your advisors are focused on helping you grow your investment accounts and neither of you bring up the topic of giving. A conversation on giving with a Christian will take the conversation to…

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Moody Radio Interview 2-26-18 – How We Give

Is your giving characterized by cheerful worship or has it slipped into a routine that requires little thought on your part?  Perhaps giving isn’t even a current practice, but you would like to start.  In this week’s interview we discuss how our process of giving actually matters.  You can read the related article here.  The…

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Moody Radio Interview 2-19-18 – Debt Consolidation

On the cover, debt consolidation sounds like an obvious decision when it lowers our interest rates or makes our monthly payment go down, but there are other issues to consider in that decision.  In this week’s interview we take a look at some of the other issues surrounding debt consolidation.  The following recording is from…

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