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Dealing with Debt

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At Investing in Truth, our mission is to disciple Christians through the building of a biblical financial worldview. Instead of following the advice of secular financial experts that have no perspective of eternity, we need to seek wisdom in its one true source, God’s Word. As it says in Colossians 2 – we have “Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Once we have an understanding of the truth, we can begin to understand the world around us. As we strive to reflect the image of Christ, let’s start by Investing in Truth before we invest in anything else.

Minimum Wage 1

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage is a pretty controversial topic these days as it has become a political hot button.  On the one extreme, we have those who don’t believe a minimum wage should even exist and on the other we have the argument for a minimum wage hike up to $15 per hour and beyond.  So,…

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Eye w Filter

4 Ways Money Can Change You

It seems second nature for us to wish that we had more money in fact, sometimes, even as Christians, we can put too much faith in money and get caught up thinking that money would solve our problems. Money can certainly change things, but unfortunately the thing it often changes is us and sometimes not…

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401k Mistakes cropped

Common 401k Investment Mistakes

The days of the company pension providing workers with an income stream through the retirement years is quickly fading away.  Today, most workers are responsible for their own retirement savings and this is most commonly done through the company-sponsored retirement plan.  These plans can go by different names and numbers, like 401(k) or 403(b), but…

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Loaning money2

Loaning to Family and Friends

It’s not uncommon to be approached by a friend or family member in need of a loan to help them through a rough time.  This can be a tough scenario to navigate because we want to help them out, but we also realize that relationships can be affected when we loan money to someone we…

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Corporate Wellness

Helping Employees Build Emergency Funds

Personal financial struggles are impacting the lives of so many Americans that corporations are starting to take note of the many ways it’s affecting their employees.  As a result, some employers are working to take an active role in helping their employees build up emergency savings accounts.  According to Bankrate, 60% of Americans don’t have…

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Advice for Young Adults

Advice for Young Adults

How we start our journey into adulthood can often set the course for the rest of our lives, so it’s important that we make good decisions from the very beginning. The problem is that so many of the financial issues facing us at that age are completely new and we don’t know how to make…

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