Align your faith and your finances.

Ask yourself, would your financial history confirm or deny your testimony?  Unfortunately, many Christians fail to make the connection between their faith and their finances.  If this is your experience, you’re not alone.

Investing in Truth exists to help Christians build a solid foundation on the truth of scripture and apply it to their financial decisions.  We believe that in order to change behavior we must first address the issues of the heart.

It's not about your money, it's about your heart.

Our Discipleship Process

Level One

The Investing in Truth discipleship process starts by replacing worldly financial advice with the truth of scripture. Level One is designed to build a firm foundation on God’s Word that can be applied to all of life’s major decisions.

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Level Two

Once you’re armed with biblical wisdom, it’s time to integrate it into your financial decisions. We will equip you with tools and strategies to help get out of debt, optimize your giving and make the most of what God has entrusted to you.

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If you would like answers to more sophisticated questions, start here with our library of topical articles and media. These provide a deeper look into advanced financial issues that can take your stewardship to the next level.

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