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At Investing in Truth, our mission is to disciple Christians through the building of a biblical financial worldview. Instead of following the advice of secular financial experts that have no perspective of eternity, we need to seek wisdom in its one true source, God’s Word. As it says in Colossians 2 – we have “Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Once we have an understanding of the truth, we can begin to understand the world around us. As we strive to reflect the image of Christ, let’s start by Investing in Truth before we invest in anything else.

Moody Radio Interview 9-19-17 – Giving to Your Church

Should we give our tithe to the church before giving to other ministries and is the idea of a tithe even applicable to us today?  We hit several of these giving topics in this week’s interview.  You can read the related article on giving to your local church here.  The following recording is from “Mornings with…

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A Case for Giving to Your Church

In my previous article, Where Should We Give?, I explained how scripture instructs us to prioritize our giving by first meeting the obligations of providing for our family, helping the poor and supporting our teachers.  Beyond those three obligations, we have great freedom in where we give.  Today, I want to make a case for…

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Moody Radio Interview 9-12-17 – Hoarding is Idolatry

Does saving money present us with the danger of desiring creation over the Creator?    Scripture warns us over and over to guard our hearts and to set our hopes on God and not riches.  Hoarding is the topic of this week’s interview.  You can read the related article on hoarding here.  The following recording is…

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Hoarding Is Idolatry

Hoarding is a form of idolatry.  It is the result of our heart choosing creation over the Creator.  “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21). When it comes to the area of saving and investing, hoarding can be defined as saving money without a specific need in mind and…

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Moody Radio Interview 9-5-17 – Saving

Are we saving money for God’s glory or our own?  That’s an important question to ask as we attempt to guard our hearts.  God-honoring saving is the topic of this week’s interview.  You can read the related article on saving here.  The following recording is from “Mornings with Kelli and Linda” on Moody Radio Indiana (97.9…

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Saving: Are We Glorifying God or Man?

God has given us a great privilege by making us stewards of the resources under our control. Our mission in managing His resources is the same as it is in every other area of our lives, to maximize His glory. As we strive to wisely manage the money at our disposal, we can choose to…

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