About Us

Our mission is transforming individual lives through the truth of scripture to strengthen and fuel the local church and other gospel-centered ministries.

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Brad Graber

Brad is the Founder and President of Investing in Truth, the ministry that combines his passions for finance, teaching and applying God’s Word and helping others.  His competitive nature and knack for problem solving underlie his belief that, while not always easy, every problem has a solution.

Brad is a financial advisor with a heart for educating clients.  He believes that rather than just providing a solution for clients, advisors should follow a discipleship model that develops each individual, helps them gain decision-making knowledge and builds good habits.  His primary concern is that if we don’t address the heart issues behind our financial problems, we’re destined to repeat history.


  • BBA in finance from the University of Southern Indiana
  • Serves as a Deacon of Finance in his church
  • On the Board of Trustees for LifeWay Christian Resources


  • Brad's ministry passion is in the area of discipleship.
    He desires to see others grow in their Christian walk and surrender all to Christ.
  • He likes to take on new projects and extensively research the details.
    This can be anything from new hobbies to home improvements.
  • He and his wife Kami have three daughters (whom he takes individually on weekly lunch dates).
  • He loves cycling and donuts – and especially enjoys combining them.
AZ headshot

Adam Zoeller

Adam is involved in all aspects of Investing in Truth, with his primary duties including project management, teaching, and curriculum development. Adam would love to see many families and individuals benefit from Investing in Truth and the joy that comes with faithful stewardship.


  • Education Degree from Ball State University
  • Classroom History Teacher for over 15 years
  • Pastoral Assistant at his local church


  • His passion is to see lives changed and people given real hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • He loves to teach and try to make complex ideas easily understandable.
  • When not working or at church you can find him with his wife and five kids. They love to hike, play sports, and find the best pizza shops around!