Thinking Biblically When Markets Crash

Thinking – Sad – Filtered

We live in a fallen world that often works against us.  God told Adam that work and life was going to be more difficult because of sin and I’m pretty sure investing is no exception to these hardships.  Consider how it feels when you have been working hard to save and provide for your families…

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Moody Radio Interview – Financial Classes Must Address the Heart


Which is the more important result of a financial course, helping people have more money or making them better disciples?  Many courses only focus on the symptoms and ignore the underlying problem.  The reality is that things like unwise spending and debt are simply an outward indication of a deeper internal problem with our heart, and…

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Financial Classes Must First Address the Heart


Our churches are filled with people trying to improve their financial condition.  Their goals can range from getting debt free and becoming “financially free” to finally building an emergency fund or saving for retirement.  Churches and organizations have responded to these desires by offering programs that promise to do those very things.  Despite the numerous…

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