How Much Should I Give? – Decision Time

Giving – How Much – 2

Giving is an issue of the heart and an act of obedience.  Like it or not, we are given a lot of grace and freedom in the area of giving, but there is also a great deal of responsibility that comes with that freedom.  We often approach this topic by looking for a checklist so…

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Moody Radio Interview 7-25-17 – How Much Should I Give?


In this broadcast, we discussed how much we should personally be giving.  The following recording is from “Mornings with Kelli and Linda” on Moody Radio Indiana (97.9 FM). You can read the corresponding article here.  If you want to read the historical biblical context on giving, you can read that article here. For more information…

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How Much Should We Give? – A Biblical History

Giving – 2 Types – 2

There is no shortage of opinions when it comes to the topic of how much we should be giving.  Some believe it is a set percentage, while others argue for the concept of grace giving in this New Testament age with the amount determined by the heart of each person.  As we explore this issue,…

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