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Moody Radio Interview 10-22-18 – A Meaningful Christmas

Christmas – Child

How can we have a meaningful Christmas that creates memories without breaking our budget and taking on debt?  It turns out that the things that matter most don’t normally cost a lot of money.  We just need to be willing to plan ahead and make some small changes.  The following recording is from “Mornings with…

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Seeing the Opportunity Costs of Your Spending


I can safely say that we all have limited resources, so at some point we’re going to run out of money before we run out of desires.  So, for every item we decide to buy, another lands on the scrap heap of unaffordable dreams.  The value of the item that was sacrificed is considered to…

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Moody Radio Interview 5-2-17 – 6 Principles for Defining Your Lifestyle


We discussed 6 principles for defining your lifestyle in this broadcast.  The following recording is from “Mornings with Kelli and Linda” on Moody Radio Indiana (97.9 FM).  You can read the corresponding article here. For more information on Moody Radio, go to   Brad Graber, CFP® has been working with clients on personal financial planning…

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6 Principles for Defining Your Lifestyle


Choosing a lifestyle isn’t a quick and easy decision you can knock out over dinner.  It’s often a long process that takes years and a series of smaller decisions.  In fact, most people don’t actually choose a lifestyle.  Instead, they make a lot of independent decisions and allow the sum of those decisions to be…

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Choosing a God-Honoring Lifestyle


Debt is one of the most popular topics in financial courses primarily because it’s the pain that so many people are currently dealing with.  However, focusing on debt is like a sick person focusing on their symptoms and ignoring the illness.  We would consider it foolish to give a person an aspirin to treat the…

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Budgets – Heroes or Villains


Somebody needs to figure out a four-letter word to replace the word budget because that’s pretty much how society already views it. Some people would probably rank it just one step above getting a root canal if they were being totally honest. I tend to view budgets a lot like diets. Most of us have…

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