Credit Card Survival Guide


I’ve heard it said there are two types of people who use credit cards, those who benefit from the service without paying for it and those who carry high interest balances and foolishly provide all the corporate profits.  Regular use of credit cards could be compared to swimming in shark infested water.  If you know…

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Death to the Car Payment


The car payment is often treated like a member of the family.  You acquire it early in your adult life and plan to feed it, grow it and ultimately fade into retirement with it.  I don’t know where the idea of a car payment being something that you would always have originated, but I can…

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The Greatest Debt Payoff Ever


If you ever find yourself going down the internet rabbit trail looking at debt payoff success stories, you’ll likely run across some pretty amazing stories like the one where a dentist paid off $380,000 in student loans in just 21 months, or the family that paid off $125,000 of debt while eating mostly dehydrated hashbrowns…

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Tackling Your Debt


You’ve conquered your fears, overcome the procrastination that’s been holding you back and now you’re finally ready to draw a line in the sand and leave your reckless spending habits behind you.  Unfortunately, making that big decision doesn’t erase all the baggage from your previous behavior.  Many of you will need to deal with the…

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3 Questions to Ask Before Taking on Debt


In a society that hands out debt like candy at a parade, it’s easy to fall into the trap of snatching up everything we want and then going in search of more. Let’s face it, we all have wants and are constantly bombarded by messages telling us to “treat yo self”, which may even remind…

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The Intangible Costs of Debt


Typically, when we consider the possible downsides of having debt, our minds focus on the lurking financial consequences, like the amount of interest we’re going to be paying over the length of the loan or how the monthly payment is going to affect our quality of life.  Most people rarely ponder the equally as real,…

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Does God Forbid Debt?


As Americans, we have to admit that we’re in a mess when it comes to debt. Individuals have over $3.4 trillion in personal consumer debt and that number doesn’t even include mortgages. For those carrying credit card debt, the average outstanding balance at the end of 2015 was $15,609 per person…

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Automobiles – An Unreliable Status Symbol


There’s a virtual insanity taking place in America these days. In an effort to make everyone around us think we’re more successful than we are, we continue to look for ways to garner undeserved respect. For more than a century now, one of the more popular ways of adding that wow factor to your life has been with the purchase of a nice, shiny new car…

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